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Pet Sitting Services


HAHPC’s services are personalized for your pet(s). HAHPC works with clients to ensure the best most comfortable style care possible while you are away from your home or simply at work during the day.

Midday Dog Walking (20 – 30 Minutes)
Single Dog
Multiple Dogs
Weekly Dog Walking clients that produce 2 or more walks per week do not pay for cancelled services.
Vacation/Weekend Visits (30-40 Minutes)
 Single Pet
 Multiple Pets (same as Mid Day Rates)
Same day cancel fee
Booking Cancellations less than 2 days notice
Overnight Personalized In-Your Home Pet Care Per Day
(Customized to suit times of travel)
In-Pet Sitters’ Home Personalized Care, Per Day
Return Day for Overnight Care & In-Home Care
Before Noon
Afternoon – 6pm
 Arrival/Pick up after 6pm: Daily Rate is applied
Holiday Surcharge (Christmas Day, New Years Day, Memorial Day
Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Easter)
Daily Mid-Day Dog Walks
Pet Emergencies Per Hour
Medications Per Day

Gratuity for pet sitters is always welcomed and appreciated!

*Puppy Visits 2x per day $15 per Walk/Visit
*Quick Visits on the 3rd or 4th Visit $10
*Cat Visits, Small reptiles, Home checks $15 (2nd visit can be used as Quick Visit)
*Late Reservations and Cancellations less than 3 days notice $10

Call Us for a Free Consultation

757-585-5576  or 703-628-1341

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